"Training with the Athletic Republic Program was the absolute best thing for my vertical and quickness."
- Misty May-Treanor, Olympic Gold Medalist
Athletic Republic performance sports training is all about one thing: making better athletes. 
In partnership with SoloSpike, we have an exclusive sport training program to maximize volleyball players’ first-step quickness, vertical jump and on-court agility. Through our science-based training protocols and patented equipment, we improve a volleyball player's jump mechanics so they rise higher with more hang time to gain more explosive power behind every hit. 
Thanks to 25 years of practicing our science-based training, our more than 115+ training centers throughout the world help volleyball players improve their ability to set, pass, serve, spike and block. Athletic Republic partnered with SoloSpike and Dartfish video analysis to make better volleyball players. 

Together with our patented equipment and proprietary training protocols, we improve jump mechanics and incorporate attack, block and spike training into every individualized volleyball training program. SoloSpike allows teammates to make multiple attacks in a short amount of time. 

Each athlete improves his/her jumping and hitting fundamentals by gaining dramatic improvements in full-arm extension, approach and body positioning, and take-off and landing mechanics. The new "smart ball" technology, available only at Athletic Republic's performance sports training centers, captures and records hitting velocity for instant feedback to measure improvement in performance and mechanics.
If you want to jump higher and spike harder using our Skill Attack Volleyball Machine and low-impact Plyo Floor, sign up for an Athlete Assessment and let us show you how to rise above your competition.